A trans- and interdisciplinary conference at the University of Hamburg

12—14 November 2015

Organiser of the Conference

Jacobus Bracker is a research assistant with the Archaeological Institute at the University of Hamburg and works on his PhD-project “Mythosformeln. Erzähltheorie für antike Bilder” (Mythos Formulae. Narratology for Ancient Images). He studied classical archaeology and prehistory at the University of Hamburg and received his MA with a thesis on “Der Blick aus dem Bild auf griechischen Gefäßen” (The Gaze at the Viewer on Greek Vessels). His main research interests are visual culture studies, (Bewegt-)Bildwissenschaften, narratology, reception studies and semiotics. Website:

Recent Publications: Game of Thrones – Game of Meanings: Transmedia Construction of Narrative Meaning and the Life of the Moving Image, in: L. C. Grabbe – P. Rupert-Kruse – N. M. Schmitz (eds.), Cyborgian Images: The Moving Image between Apparatus and Body, Yearbook of Moving Image Studies 2015 (Darmstadt 2015) 186–201; Wandernde Bilderzählungen und die Erzählforschung in der Klassischen Archäologie, in: J. Bracker – A.-K. Hubrich (eds.), Die Kunst der Rezeption/The Art of Reception, Visual Past 2.1, 2015, 315–346; Antike Bilder als Signifikanten kultureller Einheiten im Film, in: L. C. Grabbe – P. Rupert-Kruse – N. M. Schmitz (eds.): Bewegtbilder 2012. Film als multimodales Phänomen und Synkretismus (Darmstadt 2013). Further, he is co-editor of the online-journal VISUAL PAST.

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